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Working from the road and making money.

Freedom Lifestyle Businesses

The way we earn a living is from our freedom lifestyle businesses. We can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It allows us greater flexibility to travel and do what we want to do. However it's not all fun in the sun while money drops into our bank accounts!

Freedom lifestyle businesses aren't any easier from other business ventures. You still have to work hard, make sacrifices, be committed, and have a passion for what you do. Success doesn't come from sitting around hoping for it, you've gotta hustle like anywhere else.

Yet we get to choose whether we work from a hotel to a swimming pool or a co-working space. We get to set our schedules, allowing us time to create or to go hiking. Building businesses that give us the ability to enjoy our freedom has been one of the best things we've ever done.

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Happy Joe Media

Now's the time to build your online business or ecommerce store. Lean on my experience to grow your revenues and experience more freedom. From marketing strategy to website design, I've got you covered.

Blessed with Scents

Blessed with Scents

Make your home, office, or car smell amazing with Scentsy. We offer a variety of fragrance delivery systems including essential oil diffusers, wax warmers, car bars, and room sprays. 

Happy Joe T-Shirts

Joe Snuffy

Unconventional military lifestyle apparel for the average Joes crazy enough to serve in the United States Army. Joe Snuffy is a new business venture that will be launching soon.

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