Living in hotels and resorts is our thing.

When most people sell everything to travel, they usually purchase an RV or fifth wheel to live in for their adventure of a lifetime. But we decided to go a different route; we chose to live in hotels instead.

After six months of traveling full-time we love our decision and wouldn't have it any other way. Hotel living is the right choice for our lifestyle and even though there are challenges like noisy neighbors, it also comes with a lot of perks -- like pools, hot tubs, free WiFi, onsite laundry services, and more.

World Dalmanation shares our hotel experiences with you because it's a great way for people to travel, especially older adults. There are a lot of ways to save money on hotels, plus you can avoid the stress that comes along with the RV lifestyle. Who really likes to drop their dookie?

Donetta and I will be adding more advice and resources soon but you can read our post about why we chose hotel living here.

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